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XDB - Complex in-memory Analytics (with SAP Walldorf and DHBW Mosbach - funded by MWK Baden-Württemberg):

SAP is currently developing a main memory database (HANA) as the platform for new SAP applications. One goal of this platform is to enable applications to push more application logic close to the database in order to leverage the sophisticated optimization and parallelization strategies e.g. to speed-up data-intensive analytics.  Traditionally, relational databases offer two approaches to ship code close to the data: declarative SQL statements and imperative stored procedures. While SQL statements can be efficiently optimized and parallelized, stored procedures allow more complex logic. The research problem is to design a new declarative programming language for big data analytics in main memory database systems. The goal of the new programming language is to allow more complex application logic as in SQL only while application logic can still be efficiently optimized and parallelized. Major aspects of the research will be on the design of new language constructs, on the compilation into graph-based execution plans as well as on novel rules for optimizing graph-based execution plans.

StratusCloud - Data Virtualization in the Cloud (with fluidOperations  Walldorf, Harms&Wende Karlsruhe, and DHBW Mosbach - funded by MWK Baden-Württemberg):

Today, many different types of cloud services are available to store and analyze Big Data ranging from distributed filesystems to more complex systems like key-value stores or distribtuted relational databases.The goal of this project is to build a federated data management system on top of different store types, which enable efficient analytics on Big Data. Compared to Hadoop and HDFS the goal of the project is to focus more on structured (and semi-structured) data.

Web-Site: http://www.fluidops.com/de/unternehmen/research/stratuscloud

Former Projects in Database Testing:

  • Reverse Query Processing: Test Data Generation for Database Applicaton Testing (with ETH Zurich and Microsoft Seattle)
  • Symbolic Query Processing: Test Data Generation for Database Systems Testing (with Hongkong Polytech)



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